Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Colorado is sad to see us go. It started raining last night and hasn't stopped. We are approaching the Colorado/Kansas border and there are still tears from the sky. Just before we left CO Hwy 86 to access I-70 this morning, a lone Pronghorn with a big rack stood facing the road on the opposite side, as if to say "Goodbye."

Our last evening was great though! Kathy, Mark, Carol, & Jeremy all came out to our place. Barbara couldn't make it since it would be too late for Addie on a school night. We have really enjoyed our time with all of them!

Earlier in the day we had explored the area around Larkspur and found the most beautiful neighborhood we have ever encountered. While we were driving up and down the streets, I said to Rich that I had just seen the most realistic looking deer statues in a yard. When we came back by that house, I saw one of them move! We turned the corner and shot them. They were just resting against the foundation of this home. After this, we saw deer at two more homes here.

Did you see the fourth one? It's lying down behind the retaining wall at the base of the tree on the right.

This is the one nearest the front of the house...just look at the velvet on those antlers!

There are Colorado red rocks throughout this neighborhood. Here are a few shots of available building lots. Unfortunately, the homes in this area are in the $650,000 to over a $1M range which makes sense since this would be like living in the Garden of the Gods. These are some lucky folks!

The scenery on their golf course is certainly different than ours!

One last one from that neighborhood...doesn't this look like a sculpture in profile of an Indian brave?

Here's Kansas! We're well on our way home; just a couple more stops to visit family along the way!

Lovin' Life ~~ But Missin' Colorado

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