Thursday, September 20, 2012

Visiting More Family

As y'all know, we returned to Illinois on Saturday, September 15th after visiting with my sister for a couple of evenings. I got to enjoy a visit with Mom as soon as the car was unhitched but, since we were both exhausted, Rich and I crashed much earlier than we usually do when we're parked at our favorite, WM Campground.

Sunday morning though we enjoyed our traditional breakfast from Hardee's with Wayne & Mary. I love that biscuits and gravy! My cousin, Kathy, came down that afternoon bringing a delicious chocolate layer cake which we all, except Wayne of course, loved indulging. Why doesn't he like chocolate? You can see part of the cake in the photo below. She baked it in a jelly roll pan, cut it into thirds, and stacked them for a great, loaf-shaped layer cake...just another baking tip from yours truly (oh yeah, and Kathy too...teehee!).

Then we all went to the nursing home to see Mom. 

As we walked down the hall to her room, I noticed her friend, Pauline, turn into Mom's room. It was such a treat getting to see her too. She comes to visit Mom when she can; they have been friends for more decades than I think either of them want to count.

Mom & her friend, Pauline
Rich & Kathy
We all left so that Mom would go to the dining room for supper and the four of us returned in time to watch America's Funniest Videos with her. She loves that show but does not remember, from week to week, seeing it before. She clearly had a good time visiting with all of us but her memory is full of holes and her stories often contain bits and pieces of several happenings. She is so contented and really happy to see us when we come though, which is most important.

Monday morning, we left around 8:00 for the final leg of our eight week trip. The Carlinville business district is composed of a square with a gazebo and park in the center. The street on the square is paved with bricks; traffic is one-way, counter-clockwise and you can enter at the middle of each side. As we left town, we had to drive clock-wise around half of the square because a quarter of the square street was closed where they are replacing bricks.

That was such a novelty to me, driving the "wrong" way around the square!

I'm sure it would also seem strange to any of my friends who also drove around that square an infinite number of times as teens. It was the mid to late sixties; we were into cars; and we spent our evenings driving around the square, out West Main to the High School, and back to the do it all over again. Small towns are a great place for teens; if you're looking for an argument, just try telling them that!
Lovin' Life ~~ Home Again!

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