Saturday, September 15, 2012

Headin' Home; We're in Illinois!

All day Wednesday and part of Thursday, Rich drove the 578 miles from Larkspur, CO to Bonner Springs, KS through constant rain and vicious cross-winds. For the first three hundred miles of western Kansas we were also treated to a flat landscape blanketed with fields of death. The drought there has been unbelievably devastating. Since we just wanted to get those miles behind us, we pulled into a Flying J for the night Wednesday.

Rich's reward for all that hard driving? The ribs that Carol & Jeremy brought him our last evening in CO along with an icy cold Blue Moon...aaaah!

Even though it was near the interstate and just off a busy state highway, there were at least three deer living in our Bonner Springs RV Park. The real attraction there though, was getting to spend a little time with my sister and her son.

Those of you who follow me on FB know how excited we were to score several jars of our favorite salsa while in the KC area. We had scoured every store throughout the six states we had visited before KS, with no luck. At Price Chopper they not only carried this one but also his Verde and his Seven Peppers salsas!

Who could visit KC without having dinner at one of the BBQ restaurants. We went to The Smokehouse on Friday because we had been there before when visiting her. Rich ordered ribs, of course, but this time they were beef ribs...look how huge they were! That man does love ribs!

Early on our drive today I noticed a van with writing on its windows: "1,402 Miles" and "Fear the Fork, Mizzou" and an AZ license plate that clearly indicated it belonged to an ASU fan. Before long Rich noticed that some of the cars passing us had stuffed tiger tails waving from the back end. Yes, the Mizzou Tigers are hosting the ASU Sun Devils today. This is the exit for the Mizzou stadium...see the last car? It was a fun distraction watching all the fans headed to game day.

As we neared St. Louis we saw hundreds of motorcycles in the westbound lanes; then we noticed that police had blocked the on-ramps for them to pass. Checking it out online I learned that thousands of stunt motorcycle riders converged on St. Louis for an informal rally this weekend. Last evening when they were riding and performing stunts on I-55 one of them crashed, was run over by a car, got up, and rode off. The driver of that car was not amused or impressed according to the news. In my photos I don't see any of them doing wheelies or other stunts...maybe due to the strong law enforcement presence?

Soon after that we crossed the Mississippi River. We were totally shocked to see this large sandbar exposed in the middle of the river. There is a desperate need for rain in much of the country.

Half way across the river we cross the state line into Illinois and home!

Wayne just called; he and Mary will be at Mom's when I get there. Rich will go on to their place to park the RV for our stay in C'ville.

Lovin' Life ~~ Travelin' Home

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