Thursday, September 20, 2012

Shutterfly Projects

I ordered this for Mom thinking it would make a great Christmas gift. It was also a chance to check out the quality of Shutterfly photo items. This is the second project from there, the first being the enlargement of a photo for framing and hanging in our newly redecorated guest bathroom. The quality of this fleece throw and the clarity of the photos are great! I was a Kodak Gallery customer for all of my digital years and not thrilled about the change to Shutterfly. And now, I couldn't be more pleased with these two items!

Now that the throw is here, I think I'm going to go ahead and send it to her. Next weekend my brother, SIL, and sister can try to convince her to actually use it, not just drape it somewhere to look at. She is often so cold and has a fleece jacket over her. I do wish I had ordered the smaller size, although this would cover her bed nicely. However she chooses to use it, hopefully her six great-grandchildren can keep her warm this fall and winter.

We ordered an enlargement from Shutterfly which we had framed at Hobby Lobby for the final piece of our guest bath redecorating project. They couldn't complete the framing before we left on our trip so picking up the print and getting my engagement ring to the jeweler for repair were two of the first tasks we took care of on Tuesday after cleaning the motorhome and returning it to storage.

Here is the final tour of our redecorated guest bathroom.

Have you noticed? No matter where you are in the bathroom, when you look at this picture you will see me, camera in hand, with Rich in the background...giggle! We couldn't be more pleased with how this project turned out and we LOVE the funkiness of this print hanging in this oh-so-traditional bathroom. Those of you who have been around for a while may recognize this photo as one I took at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Roswell, NM.

Great job Shutterfly, on my first two projects with your company!

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