Friday, February 11, 2011

Flat Stanley ~ Snow Sports

It's all Dorothy's fault!

After reading on my blog that Flat Stanley is visiting, my BFF Dorothy e-mailed me and suggested that we take him sledding or skiing since we have all this snow in our 'neck of the woods'.

Knowing that Shelby will love this, especially since they all went skiing and sledding over New Years, we decided to "take Flat Stanley skiing"! We quickly discovered that his stance and abilities are better suited for snowboarding than for skis so Grandpa got him a bright orange snowboard. He had a blast as you can see here...

Snowboarding can be tricky, but even an Arizona kid can ride a sled without any lessons or experience. Check this out!

Just wait until I show you where Flat Stanley went today! He has to get back home soon so we've been making sure he's having a memorable time here.
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