Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snow ~ Winter's Gift To Me

While many, if not most, folks who live in this area are wondering why they live in this cold, white, wintry area of the country, I am counting this winter as a gift from nature. I love snow; I have always loved snow.

When my kids were little, a window in our living room looked out at our driveway. A favorite memory from those dark, snowy winter evenings is of glancing up from time to time to see their beautiful little faces, bathed in the glow from the lamp beside the chair they were kneeling on, looking out as I shoveled the snow from our driveway.

When we lived in southern California, I really missed the seasons. Luckily, we skied which meant that we would drive up into the mountains to enjoy the snow. After moving back to Illinois, it was difficult to fully appreciate the beauty of the snow from my desk in the office where I worked and it was always dark by the time I left there.

All that to say, I had wished that this would be a very snowy winter since I'm now retired and home to enjoy this wintry landscape every day...and that wish has certainly come true!

It snowed a bit overnight and through the early morning. It's warm though, in the low thirties, so we just got back from taking the girls for a walk down our street. They were so excited! On the way back, Rich walked them through the mounds of snow on the sidewalks. And here they are...

Just look at all the snow caked on their took a lot of toweling to get them dried off because those clumps of snow had turned to ice when we got inside.

And now...for your viewing is a short movie of Rich with Dora & Bella leaping through the deep snow. He is such a great dog dad; The Girls were so excited and energetic out there that it was obvious they were loving this.

Lovin' Life ~~ And This Snowy Winter

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  1. Bring them here. They would love the back yard.


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