Sunday, February 20, 2011

The RV Show

It is dreary and cold and has rained all day and will rain all night and has been mostly gray for days...give me snow any day over this.

Friday we went to the Chicago RV Show in Rosemont. Some good news: lots of vendors and lots of attendees...lots more than there were two years ago when we were last there. My main interest was in finding RV parks within a day's drive from home for some shorter getaways and there were many campgrounds represented this year.

I love looking at new motorhomes and kidded Rich for days beforehand about finding one with even more enhancements than the one we bought last August. And there were...enhancements that is. Some had HUGE French Door Refrigerators with bottom freezers...drool. Some had eliminated the gas oven which adds a kitchen cabinet...always useful. With a combination microwave/convection oven, I really don't need an oven. Some have vinyl or tile flooring throughout the living area...we'll surely replace our carpet at some point. But none had all of those things in one RV. So, the great news was that we did not see even one, not even a really expensive one, that we would trade our cozy motorhome for!

I had to pull up this collage to remind myself what our looks like. Rich spends a lot of time over there redesigning and replacing systems to meet his exacting standards or running it to keep things charged (??? I don't know the right words), but I rarely go with him.

We are counting down the days until we leave on our next trip...18...and we both have long lists of tasks to accomplish by then...SO EXCITING!!! As much as I have enjoyed being home this winter and have loved all the snow we had, it's time to move on for a while...the road is calling.

Lovin' Life ~~ Ready to Meander

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