Monday, February 21, 2011

Quite a Scene...

...a murder scene perhaps? But no one was hurt; no crime was committed.

Look closely and notice Bella's pink feet; look very closely and notice Bella's pink beard.
Rich carried a red pen in his pocket yesterday...the kind with a clear barrel that is filled with liquid red ink. After we had settled in to watch a movie last evening, Rich heard something amiss. Investigating the sound, he discovered shocking sights. Areas of the family room looked like a bloody crime scene. On the rug just inside the patio door, small pieces of debris lay in pools of red. A section of the large area rug in front of the TV had big damp spots of red. There was red on the throw that covers the couch and wet red paw prints everywhere on the tile (thank goodness) floor. Solving this 'crime' didn't require the services of a CSI lab; the evidence was clearly incriminating. Bella's paws and beard were nearly dripping red. She had somehow gotten that red pen and chewed it to pieces.

Isn't she adorable? Our little perpetrator...aaawww

These photos were taken this morning. I should have taken some last night but in the dim light and with our dark rugs and floors no photos would have truly captured the scene. Honestly, you cannot imagine the bloody looking mess we had. Rich used piles of paper towels to soak the blood from her paws, her beard, and from the large area rug...piles of paper towels that were saturated with bright red. The rug in front of the door cannot be saved. The tile was easily wiped clean, which is why we tiled our entire house a few years ago. I could never have imagined that so little ink could be spread so far.

I wonder if Dora was jealous of all the attention Bella got. I held Bella for a long time while Rich soaked up red stuff everywhere and while we hoped it would dry on her fur to avoid more tracking.

Rich had not yet noticed it missing, but that pen had apparently fallen out of his pocket. Luckily, the ink wasn't toxic; she is absolutely fine. Here, they were both waiting for treats from Rich this morning. Thursday is spa day for them so most of her pink fur will be cut off; see how shaggy they are right now?
Lovin' Life ~~ Even When It's Messy

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  1. You must be exceedingly patient! I am not certain I would have written this post in good-natured woe. I probably would have banished the dog to the yard after a good scolding and written a rant! That's probably why I have stuffed animals and you have live pets. ;)


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