Thursday, February 17, 2011

Snow Melt Ponds

I've been working on a photo project that has consumed nearly all of my time this week. Hint, hint...wonder if our grands can guess what it is!!!

Earlier today looking out across the fairway, I noticed a new 'pond' where none has been before. No doubt there are innumerable new 'ponds' throughout our part of the country where low areas are filling with melted snow.

Flocks of mallards and geese populated this particular little pond. The mallards stayed, but as I watched and clicked, the geese gathered themselves and took to the air. Aren't they magnificent?

Watching them brightened up this gray day for me!

Lovin' Life ~~ Finding Bright Spots

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  1. I love watching nature. We have several bird feeders on our decks and can see 5 of them from our dining room window. We literally eat every meal with the birds!


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