Friday, February 25, 2011


Last evening was a blast! What a way to end a week full of breakfast, lunch, poker night, and dinners with special friends.

We attended a performance of Spamalot at the Drury Lane Theatre in Oakbrook. It is hilarious and especially suited to Rich's taste since he is a huge fan of all the Monty Python movies. There are lots of laughs, even for a non-Monty Python fan like me, and the cast was phenomenal. I'm posting the description below but offer my caveat that the lines would not be everyone's cup 'o tea!

Spamalot is "A musical comedy "lovingly ripped off from" the 1975 film Monty Python and the Holy is a highly irreverent parody which tells the legendary tale of King Arthur’s quest to find the Holy Grail. SPAMALOT features a chorus line of dancing divas and knights, flatulent Frenchmen, and even killer rabbits. Theatre fans will appreciate this farce as there are many references to other musicals and musical theater in general, such as the spoof of Andrew Lloyd Webber productions and many other Broadway power ballads."

By the time we got to the theatre, I had already talked and laughed so much that my throat hurt. There were eight of us and we had stopped for dinner at 'a restaurant that shall remain nameless' on the way to the theatre. Our waiter had apparently been a star student at some speed-speaking course and we could barely understand anything he said.

Then, bringing our drinks, the waiter had five large full tumblers, three stemmed wine glasses, and a bottle of wine on one tray. He was not talented enough to balance such an odd assortment of shapes and weights, the tray tipped, and Larry was drenched in diet colas. No apology from the waiter who simply muttered that he got off balance. Deciding that he would not enjoy the theatre in dripping wet clothes, he left to go back home and change. No, this was not the funny part.

We all ordered dinner; while everyone was talking and laughing, Carla knocked her nearly full drink over! By now we're all laughing uproariously as Rich quietly takes a seat at a nearby booth. The laughs continued as our waiter barked "To your left!" or "To the right!" as he placed dishes on the table and whenever he removed empty ones...weird dude.

By the time Larry returned, it was too late for him to eat. Another employee, who stated upfront that he had no authority, came to our table and said that the manager would be in tomorrow so Larry should call and ask that the dry cleaning bill for his clothes be paid. And then Larry and Carla were presented WITH A CHECK FOR THEIR DRINKS AND HER DINNER!!! A couple of us suggested that they should not receive a bill but were told that no one had the authority to do that. There was never an apology or acknowledgement of the inconvenience or comment of any kind to ameliorate the situation. UNBELIEVABLE!

Make no mistake about it, we had a terrific, fun time! But clearly the evening was 'dampened' for Larry...a little punny humor there!!!

Lovin' Life ~~ Lovin' the Laughs

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  1. Wow! I wouldn't be returning to that restaurant for any reason but complaining! That waiter needs some remedial help, and that restaurant needs somebody in charge on duty at all times -- especially with waiters like that!

    I do understand why Larry was presented the beverage check. I mean, clearly, the drinks were on him! ;) (I couldn't resist the pun.)


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