Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Birthday Bash For the Girls!

Today we had a luncheon party for The Girls to celebrate their "Seven Years +/- One Week" birthdays. Dora turned 7 a week ago today and Bella will be 7 one week from today. Typically for her, Bella sensed that something special was happening today and was extremely animated for at least an hour before Marianne arrived to celebrate with us. Of course, when she gets like that, Dora gets wound up too.

Marianne's attention to details, such as this, has made her such a favorite with them. She brought the Happy Birthday tiaras for them to wear on this special occasion. She also brought some "yummy" liver treats from her favorite dog bakery for their dining pleasure.

Here they were earlier, excitedly watching and awaiting Marianne's arrival.

Rich and Marianne wore tiaras too, of course. No, Rich is not harming them; he's just trying to get them into the picture.
For our shot, we finally just picked them up and held them...our sweet birthday girls! By the time we finished lunch, the snow was coming down, just as predicted, so Marianne had to head on home.

Lovin' Life ~~ And Celebrating "The Girls"

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