Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy Birthday, Bella!

Yes, we remembered that today is Bella's 7th birthday. I will confess though, if Shelby had not been looking at my last several blog entries while we were on the phone last night...well, I just don't know. When she got to the one about us forgetting Dora's birthday, she just couldn't imagine how that could happen! That's when it clicked that today is Feb 8th...Bella's birthday.

And here she is, earlier today, wearing her tiara from their joint "Seven Years +/- One Week" party last Tuesday.

After their normal kibble breakfast this morning, Rich is offering them a special birthday egg breakfast! Dora does not like to sit, but just look at how patiently Bella is waiting for that favorite treat...

The following two photos were taken the same day as the ones of Dora that were posted nearly two weeks ago. This was April 28, 2004, just a couple weeks after we brought them home to live with us.

The photo on the right is the other half of the one where Dora was still afraid to go down the steps on the deck. This one shows Bella taunting her, challenging her to come on down and play already! They have had a couple of those "conversations" today, as usual.

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    You look so cute wearing the tiara.
    Our niece Carol's birthday is today too and she said she's happy to share the day with you.


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