Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Storm Last Evening

Okay, right off the bat I'll admit that the professional weather forecasters were a bit more on target about this winter storm than was my prognostication. Are we done with that now? Did I eat enough crow for y'all?

The National Weather Service is reporting 16.4 inches of snow at Romeoville and 20.2 inches at O'Hare Airport...and that my dears is a lot of snow!

These two photos were taken about 10:30 last night. The wind had packed the snow in beautiful patterns on the window above our kitchen sink.

Taken from our front door, the snow was really piling up on that side of the house. There is a sidewalk between those yew bushes. Note the trunk of the tree too...when I post today's photos, this one will give you some perspective.

I'm posting these very short movies because they show the whirling, swirling snownados (another of my very own words...I'm so proud) or cyclonic snow at the beginning of the storm. Those winds exceeded 50 miles an hour at times, roaring around our house all evening and into the O-Dark hours of the night. So you can just imagine the drifts that resulted from that much snow blowing at those wind speeds in the shape of these snownados. Throughout the late evening, we also experienced thundersnow with lightning...a very rare occurrence during blizzards that only happens during the very worst of winter storms...making for a fascinatingly fabulous blizzard here!

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  1. What fantastic photos!!!
    I wonder what Bella is thinking.


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