Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Before Dawn

This was the sky as we pulled out of the WalMart parking lot where we spent last night. See, we can get up early...we just don't want to make a habit of it...giggle!

And the morning sky just west of Elk City, OK. Maybe we should get out early more often!

A few minutes ago we passed Shamrock, Texas. If you want to read the significance of that and how it relates to me and the Northridge Earthquake of January 17, 1994 just click here. These memories are even more poignant this week with the horrific news out of Japan.

Lovin' Life ~~ Ever Grateful

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  1. Ya know, I was never an early bird before my four guys came along. Now 7:30 is a sleeping in day! I have come to appreciate the beauty of the mornings. That is how I ended up with hundreds of snow and hoarfrost pics this winter. =)


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