Sunday, March 13, 2011

Rockin' I-44 in Missouri

While we travel the I-44 rockin' to 95.3 KXMO, a fantastic station, I'll share a couple photos of the girls as we ride along. Some folks who follow us here at Meandering watch for posts about them.

These photos of Bella were taken over maybe a half hour period...

Watching the road from her perch behind Rich.

Staring at me...I never did figure out what she wanted!

Resting her weary head after serving as such a diligent lookout.

Here is Dora over the same time period...

She rarely budges...just lounges on the couch. They have such distinct personalities.

Lovin' Life ~~ Travelin' With The Girls


  1. bella is staring at you because she never got her egg today


  2. OMG you're right w&m. That's the same stare I got at breakfast this morning when she was hoping for some egg, isn't it?


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