Wednesday, March 16, 2011

UFOs & Aliens

With these clues, can you guess where we're Meandering now?

This is but one of the UFOs we've seen here.

This alien arrived on the spaceship above...really. What, you're having doubts?

Well then, how do you explain this alien foot? I've never seen anything like this before.

And if you need even more proof, just look what they've done with Rich.

He keeps changing color and the aura of his skin reflects on his surroundings. No I'm not you think I should be? I just hope he can safely drive in this condition.

Have you figured out where we are?

Lovin' Life ~~ And Rich, In All His Colors

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  1. we think that the rejex must have had made a glare off the windshield so richs sunglasses looked like diferent colors but only after you got into new mexico



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