Thursday, March 17, 2011

Roswell ~~ A Day of Museums

Who knew? Not us. But we LOVED Roswell, NM! We just thought it would be a kick to drop down into Roswell this trip and check out the UFO Museum. Most of the photos taken there were used in pieces in my posts about the aliens. In addition to the UFO stuff, the town itself is lovely. And, there are two more great museums, the Roswell Museum and Art Center houses twelve galleries dedicated to the exhibition of art and history of the southwest including great pieces of fine art; fantastically detailed bronze sculptures; an expansive exhibit about Dr. Robert H. Goddard the Father of Space Exploration, including some of his missiles and his machine shop; and hundreds of items of vintage Indian and military clothing, boots, weapons, saddles, etc.

But the museum that captivated us was the Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art. Spacious, light-filled galleries exhibit paintings, sculptures, installation pieces, etc. This was my favorite painting...

On Borrowed Time by Brian Myers

With Hoover Dam in the background, this painting depicts a new homes development near Las Vegas and throughout the painting water is being used for a large number of non-native purposes. With my fears about the future for the large populations who live in currently-tamed but naturally hostile environments, I could look at it for hours.

I'll hold my comments and appraisals of other pieces but do want to give you a brief tour of this fabulous museum. Here are two of the galleries...

And just a very few of our favorite pieces...



Indulge me, just for the cuteness...the baby shark is a hand vacuum cleaner and the larger one a golf club bag. There were two other golf club bag sharks swimming in this group too!

Lovin' Life ~~ And Brilliant Art

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