Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Grandpa Is "Toast"

Amazing Jake's is a fabulously fun indoor amusement park with rides and games and mini golf and a great buffet with lots of kid-pleasing food.

We're leaving for the day soon but I wanted to post these few fun photos from yesterday...here's the story. Grandpa and the grands loved the bumper cars! By the end of the day there was some disagreement though. Grandpa claimed that he was the best and the kids were "toast" while they claimed that they were the best and Grandpa was "toast." He even named them "white toast" "wheat toast" and "multi-grain toast" during their discussions about who was really "toast."

Here is a photo of the four of them on the bumper cars. It was tough to photograph because the interior was dark with black lights.

This morning, while Grandpa was outside, Shelby and Jackson decided to make it official that Grandpa is "toast"!!!!

Can you see how much he loved it!!!

Lovin' Life ~~ Even When You're "Toast"

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  1. They may be white, wheat, and multi-grain, but Grandpa sure isn't sourdough!


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