Monday, March 14, 2011

Our Small Town

I grew up in a small town; my mom still lives in our small town as do my brother and SIL. It is a particularly lovely small town. Yes, I admit that this is not an objective assessment! But just look at the gazebo in the center of the downtown square that is encircled with a brick roadway. What is more charming than that?

At Mom's doctor appointment last Friday morning, I discovered that her doctor is the sister-in-law of a friend of mine with whom I lost touch the day he graduated from high school in our small town. She now has my contact info to send him; I hope I hear from him.

Then I had lunch at a great new restaurant in our small town and a nice long visit with my BFF Dorothy. She has the most amazing memory when it comes to people we grew up with and knew way back then. She lives less than an hour away and has siblings who still live in our small town so has up-to-the-date info on lots of folks.

Friday evening, Rich and I went to the K of C Fish Fry to pick up dinner for Mom. Even though I haven't lived in our small town for nearly forty years, I still saw folks I know up there.

Saturday morning I cleaned the motorhome, the guys did some outdoor chores, and my SIL did some laundry; then we sat outside at their place, otherwise known as our own personal W&M Campground.

Since Saturday was sunny and warm, I picked Mom up to take her to W&M's. When we drove through the Dairy Queen to get Mom her favorite lunch, I noticed DA in front of us. He and I were yelling greetings back and forth from our vehicles. He's one of our old friends that we were talking about at lunch the day before...from our small town.

It was a perfect day to get Mom outside soaking up some sun and warmth, enjoying a great change of pace from the routine lunch at the village where she lives.
That evening we all went to dinner at another great little restaurant. A close friend of my bro & SIL were there. Then the owner and his wife came in; he is on my bro's bowling team and Mom used to work with her. Wherever you go, there's someone you know, in our small town.

Lovin' Life ~~ And Our Small Town

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  1. Oh Bev, this is all so true!! Even though I'm not originally from "our small town" I know exactly what you're talking about.


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