Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pima Air & Space Museum

When we walked into 'our' Waffle House on Friday morning we were greeted by our server from the morning before. She asked the kids what all we did the day before, oohing and aahing over our fabulously busy day. We LOVE 'our' Tucson Waffle House!

We returned to the motorhome, unhooked & secured everything to get it road ready, attached the car that we tow, and drove to the eastern edge of Tucson to visit the Pima Air & Space Museum.

Now let me tell you, this is Grandpa's idea of a museum! And both of the boys commented about how great it was to be there with him because he knows so much about most of these magnificent aircraft with stories to share about them. He never flew and that may be one of his very few regrets.

Again, a few shots from our morning at this museum. You will see that occasionally now, one or the other of the grands will wrest the camera from my grip and get a shot of me. In addition to viewing the many aircraft housed in this main building, we took a tram ride around the 80 acres that are packed with nearly 300 aircraft of all ages and types.

The collection indoors even included a Blackbird which, along with the photo above of Dylan in front of that massive seaplane, gives you a better idea of the magnitude of the building in which these aircraft are displayed.

While Rich and the grands toured another building, I happened to make the acquaintance of a couple from Berlin, Germany. During our chat, she told me that they have come to America for at least a month of travel every two or three years for the past twenty-plus years. What really touched my heart was her telling me how much they love America and the other Allied countries who saved them during WWII. This is a couple who were born years after the end of that war, yet love and honor us today. What saddened my heart was her observation over the years of the many huge projects around the world that are funded by American dollars while they have noticed such deteriorization of our own infrastructure when compared to what they saw in their earliest travels here. That conversation was a beautiful gift for me and I'm still moved to tears recalling my time with them.

We enjoyed a Lunchables lunch in the motorhome along with scoops of Thrifty ice cream that we purchased at the museum grill. Ice cream at Thrifty drugstores in California was a big treat when we lived there. It turns out that the kids can have Thrifty ice cream anytime at the Water & Ice shops near them.

I don't know what has happened to our motorhome but after only two nights spent sleeping in it, the grands took on some characteristics that Rich and I acquired from our visit to Roswell!

The kids got home from school an hour ago so we've all been doing homework which happily distracted me from this post! Now we're off to baseball practice...more from sports central to come!!!

Lovin' Life ~~ And Our Darling Aliens


  1. I love museums, but nobody likes to go with me. I'm the type that looks at and reads every single thing. By the third exhibit, the rest of the group is already in the gift shop pacing!

  2. Museums are great. I think Amoeba would prefer this one more than I would, but I'd love to see the one you visited yesterday -- and to ride the bumper cars!

    I can see why you call them GRAND kids -- they really do seem to be!


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