Sunday, March 13, 2011

Transparent Tadpoles

Just how long did you think we would be on the road before I shared something unusual with you? Today was gray, the Missouri landscape is still wintry bleak, and it rained the last couple of hours of our drive. Still I managed a few photos to entertain myself. Don't these look like transparent tadpoles? Can you guess what this is? There are three more further down in this post, so keep on guessing.

Yesterday was warm and sunny in Carlinville. Among other things, Rich and Wayne applied Rejex to the front of the RV including the windshield. With a little Karate Kid action ~ Rejex On, Rejex Off ~ this product is supposed to make bugs and other road gunk wash off with ease.

It appears that Rich got the easier part of this job...the directing part!

Here are three more photos of the same thing as the first...

When it rained today, courtesy of the Rejex treatment, droplets would bead up on the windshield and then wiggle off to the side like 'transparent tadpoles' which was fascinating to watch. Naturally I took photos; including the one at the top of this post. All of these were taken through the windshield, are closely cropped, and have some enhancement to the colors. Aren't they cool? Oops, I suppose I shouldn't be the one saying that...but I love them!!!

Lovin' Life ~~ And Photographs on the Road

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  1. You realize that it is awfully early in your trip to be so humored by such little things right? Oh, no? That's right, it is good to find the light side of life all the time!!!! =) Enjoy those little tadpoles when they surface on your adventures. LOL!


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