Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dylan's Hockey Game

We were having so much fun at Amazing Jake's but managed to get Dylan to his hockey game on time! I LOVE watching Dylan skate. Those who know me well will understand just how panicked I was when my camera FAILED...oh yeah...total FAIL. It turns out that I had exceeded the 2 gigs that my camera will put on a memory stick, and I started the day with a newly formatted stick...yikes! It was a big photo and movie day!

Here are the only photos I got of Dylan. He is number 7 and his stick has a red blade. His division is the Squirts and his team is the Lightning. I love when the team sits on the wall waiting for the ice to be ready. They all jump onto the ice and take off...without even falling. That is so impressive to a klutz like me.

He played the Center position so was in the face off each time.

At least I did get a really cool movie before the camera FAILED. Remember...#7 and a red blade...keep your eye on our favorite hockey player!!!!

Lovin' Life ~~ And Hockey "Squirts" Games

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