Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Today we are going to take a look at the Universities where Sandee and I earned our degrees. Even though our RV Park is on the street that California State University Northridge faces and we have driven past the campus a few times this week, only yesterday did we stop to take a few photos.

After the kids were settled into their new schools and routines the fall after our move to California, I took a job at the CSUN Student Health Center. Even though I enjoyed my time there and loved the exposure to a field that was so foreign to me, I am not a health care person. Less than a year later, I left CSUN for a position closer to home, but by then the campus and that part of The Valley were familiar to me, as they are still. After Sandee completed two years at College of the Canyons (see the January 14th post) she attended CSUN, earning her bachelor's degree here in spring 1994.

CSUN Student Health Center where I worked.

The magnificent CSUN Library!

This entire area was once covered with orange groves and CSUN maintains a small orchard in recognition of that history.

Remembering: At 4:31 a.m., eighteen years ago today, a magnitude 6.7 earthquake hit Northridge destroying most of the buildings on campus. The response and accomplishments of the administration and staff were stupendous. Temporary facilities in tents and trailers were established on all open areas. Sandee had one semester remaining and she graduated as planned because the campus was reopened only a week or two later than scheduled for the beginning of spring semester...phenomenal.

After completing an A.A. at College of the Canyons in 1991, I transferred to California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks where I graduated in spring 1993.

I recall that the business office was located in this building when I was a student here. Even though it was such a long daily commute, I was so fortunate to be awarded a scholarship that allowed me to attend this great private university where I earned my B.S.

The Orville Dahl Centrum Buildings, shown here, were built in the early 1960s. This architectural style is seen throughout the central campus.

Just look at how lovely the grounds of the campus are landscaped.

This campus is where I fell in love with Bird of Paradise flowers. The vibrant colors and exquisite detail simply take my breath away. I was so thrilled to see them in bloom this past weekend.

Thanks for coming along on our trip down memory lane while we visited some of those special people and places that made our life here so happy and fulfilling. Today we head south for a few days in San Diego with our friends, Bill & Deanne.

Lovin' Life ~~ And Our University Campuses

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