Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tide Pools

I know where the past several days have gone so we won't wonder about that. Last Friday, Rich and I spent the day exploring the Pacific Coast up to LaJolla stopping at several beaches. I love the rocky coast that makes up much of this is so very beautiful.

We got out with the girls for a while at one less populated area.

While Rich stayed with the girls, I walked along the cliff until I found this path down to the beach. There were people down there exploring and I wanted to check it out.

After crossing the sand, I walked through these rock canyons which were about shoulder high. That's what had really piqued my curiosity when we were up on the cliffs, seeing peoples' heads moving along the ridge of these which was quite a sight.

At the far end of the rock canyons were tide pools! I had never explored tide pools until then so this was most exciting!

Just look at all the pools.

You may want to click on this one to see the hermit crab in the center of the photo. btw, I'm not a biologist so may not properly name anything in these photos.

The variety of colors was amazing!

Areas closer to the beach were covered with green moss.

Some of the pools were encircled by reefs.

The work of nature-as-sculptor was evident everywhere...just look at that spherical pale orange rock.

And there was life everywhere you looked. Here are a few photos of various species of mussels.

Unlike the #%%&*$@ who left a Coke can out there, I only left my footprint in the sand of the beach.

Lovin' Life ~~ And the Beauty of Tide Pools

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