Friday, January 13, 2012

Introducing ~ My New Camera!

Here is one of my first shots and a favorite among the ones taken as tests Wednesday. I love the palm tree lined streets and that these are reflected in this building in Studio City.

And here is the new star of our show...the Canon SX40 HS. Isn't it a beauty?

This next photo was taken shortly before 4:00 Wednesday afternoon...this is Valley traffic. Rich would rather be driving somewhere else...anywhere else than LA.

I love being here where everything is so familiar; it's amazing that I remember so much about the Valley but I did work in this area at the first job I had after moving to CA. I really love that we got to have dinner with our CA BFFs [Frank & Marion, me & Rich, Bill & Deanne] Wednesday evening and then they all came to our place to visit. And no, I wasn't cold...the rest of them are just weather wimps!

Lovin' Life ~~ And Connecting With Our CA Friends

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