Sunday, January 15, 2012

Let's Rock!!!

After hanging out here taking care of business yesterday morning, we drove out to Thousand Oaks to visit Marion & Frank. This photo of Marion makes me chuckle [maybe not her though...giggle] because right after I took it, Frank made some comment about her mouth moving so fast it will blur the picture. They have always been so much fun!

After we had dinner there, two of their daughters, two of their granddaughters, they and we all drove up to Camarillo to Rock City Studios for a concert. The band is Peripheral Fever...

...and their grandson, Michael, is the drummer. He has never had a lesson and has not been playing very long but he is one very fine rockin' drummer!

Rich and I enjoyed every minute of their performance and were shocked when it ended because we could have listened to them much longer. Loud rock...oh yeah!!! It brought back lots of memories for Rich of when he worked as a bouncer at The Basement while a student at UCLA.

Lovin' Life ~~ And Unexpected Experiences...Always! 

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