Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kids' Winter Break

Yesterday the kids went back to school from break. We got to spend lots of time with them while they were off which is only part of the reason for my absence here. The main reason is that I can't bear the constant crashes of our internet connection. Today we are on the road heading for California and so far, knock on wood, it's holding pretty steady.

It is so cool for me to be with the kids in a daily routine instead of the hurry, scurry vacation mode that we usually experience. We just hang out...a lot. We went RV shopping. We went to a movie. We play Angry Birds. We go to the park. There are days when I barely take any pictures...gasp! Here are a few shots of things we've done.

It didn't take long for the kids to figure out how to use the pegs on the BMX bikes.

Jackson was sick this day that Shelby, Dylan, & Grandpa played basketball.

We finally had time to take the girls to a huge dog park; it even has a dog beach!

Dylan's hockey games are fun to watch; the action is fast and the periods just fly by. Here's Dylan looking toward the camera after his teammate with the raised stick just scored a goal!

After packing the Christmas decorations away, Sandee took time to remove the contact paper Mom had on the shelves and oil the bookcase/secretary we brought to her this trip. It looks more beautiful than it ever did.

For a family history project, my BFF Sandee B went over to get a book at my house and sent it...thank you again for that! Jackson was able to include information about the Wallace line of our family that we can directly trace for eleven generations beginning with James Wallace born circa 1695! Here Jackson is reading a summary I prepared from that family record book for him to use on that project.

With gift cards that they received for Christmas, Shelby and Dylan both bought Razors so their wheels are now fully restored after having everything stolen a couple of months ago. Shelby just zips around the house on hers!

They spent two nights with us last week. Here Grandpa...

...and Jackson are playing the bean bag game while Shelby and...

 ...Bella look on.

Why yes, we are having lunch in our PJs, that's what holiday breaks and sleepovers with G'pa and G'ma are for. btw...in this texting world we have become G'pa & G'ma for brevity's sake. Dylan coined the words and they stuck...we like it!

Christmas gifts that show up a few days later may be the best of all...

 ...especially when they're such a totally unexpected and shocking surprise!

The day before yesterday was prep day for game night. Sandee made a phenomenal Cilantro Dip and baked these BAMA cakes. Well, of course, the game was last night's Alabama/LSU BCS Championship Game. Well, of course, Alabama won...ROLL TIDE! With fans like these could there be any doubt?

Bella just wanted to snuggle with Jackson that afternoon and Dora sat on my lap much of the time. Dexter's puppy energy brings out the ole lady in our nearly eight year old girls.

On the way home from their house Sunday evening, the full moon was hovering over my new love, the Superstition Mountains near our winter home.

As I publish this we are 10 miles from the California border. We'll spend a couple of weeks here. First we'll visit with our family and friends and drive out to our old home...stuff like that; then we'll probably head down to San Diego for a week. See ya in sunny southern California!

Lovin' Life ~~ Returning to Our CA Home


  1. Thank you so much for you kind words! Really, they make our day! Somedays, with raising kids, getting the blogging done too is a little difficult. But, when we receive nice comments like yours, it makes it easier and more fulfilling to do the work. Thank you again for being such a great supporter and have fun in California!

  2. Sounds like you guys are having fun i am glad i hope rich gets the camera fixed so you can put more pictures on your blog be safe i hope no quakes come your way.


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