Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Our Return to Arizona

Monday, the 23rd of January was a driving day, as well as being my mom's 85th birthday! When my brother and SIL went to see Mom, my sweet cousin Kathy was there and had brought her some homemade cookies...lucky Mom!

It's nearly inconceivable to me that we have already been back here for a week. Man, life can really throw some curve balls in a very short space of time. We had a fabulous time in California visiting family and friends, returning to familiar places in our life there, and exploring new wonderful places that we just didn't take the time to do when we lived there. It was time to come back to AZ though.

As we approached our winter home, we were welcomed by the most glorious and unusual sunset. The reds and oranges were of such intense colors that the distant mountains reflected a pinkish red color with the cactus and other shrubs appearing orange. None of the photos below have had any color adjustments.

When I turned around from the scene above to shoot directly into the sunset, it appeared that the sky was ablaze! This is what we saw displayed against the fiery colors of the evening sky...

Lovin' Life ~~ Appreciating Its Glorious Colors 


  1. Stunning Photos! Looks like the new camera us doing its job!

    I have decided that since i never seem to be able to get online on the computer at night that, I must start commenting from my phone! So herv we go. No excuses for no comments now. LOL! Enjoy the rest of your weeks in Arizona! I bet they will fly by! I sure don't know where January went!

  2. Oh, you should be so proud of these. They're lovely!


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