Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Then & Now

Rich and I met in January 1980. We both worked for Capitol Records, him in LA, me in Illinois and he came to my plant to lead a project designing an online computer system for the department I managed. The project was groundbreaking so we ended up talking a lot on the phone after he returned to LA and over time became good friends. Fast forward six years and those phone calls led to our January 1986 marriage (mine is a real life fairy tale!). Leaving LA yesterday, we drove past the Capitol Records Tower in Hollywood remembering our "Then" and I got this shot from the freeway.

Our CA BFFs, Bill and Deanne, both worked at Capitol in LA too. We all got married at the same time (quite a story, that!) and celebrated our 26th anniversary together last Friday. Yesterday we all drove to San Diego where we are parked near Mission Bay in our RVs for a few days. Here is what our "Now" looks like.

Dora and Bella are vying for Bill's attention... Deanne looks on.

This looks much like snow on the page here but actually it is the waters of Mission Bay reflecting the sunset early yesterday evening.

About a half hour later the Bay looked like this from our RV Park.

Lovin' Life ~~ Then and Now!

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  1. That looks great you take the best pictures for your blog and even when you are not doing it for the blog. Glad you are havign a good time say hi to Rich and the girls for us we miss you all.
    Jenny, Greg, Kelly, Sergio, & Hunter


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