Sunday, January 1, 2012

My 2011 Retrospective

When I saw that Amy at her blog, prettybabies, had posted a 2011 retrospective, it seemed like a great idea that was just begging to be copied. Unfortunately for me, I took 17,349 photos last year and if you followed this blog throughout the year, you've seen most of the good ones...teehee Instead of realizing how tough this would be and quitting when Rich said "You want me to pick one photo from the northeast trip? Are you crazy?" I invested hours this evening compiling the following twelve+ photos. I did cheat though and created collages for some months.

January 2011

To celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary, we returned to Aspen, CO where we were married. I didn't ski but Rich thoroughly enjoyed his days on the slopes.

February 2011

This photo was taken during one of the several heavy snowfalls last winter and provides a not-so-subtle clue about why we're in Arizona this winter...teehee

March 2011

After a great drive and fun days in New Mexico we arrived to spend a couple of weeks with kids for their Spring Break. This was taken at the Children's Museum in Tucson.

April 2011

On the way home from Arizona, we spent sixteen days in Texas. We happened to arrive in San Antonio for Festival and stayed there eleven days to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the festivities.

May 2011

We arrived home in time for the magnificent show put on by the many flowering trees in our community.

June 2011

My immediate family gathered in June to celebrate Dylan's 10th birthday. Mom's four kids, five grandkids, and six great-grandkids were there along with all but one of our in-laws. That was a very special day!

July 2011

The kids were here for three weeks this summer which was such a treat for us. After visiting with all the family we took in some of the many things to do in the Chicago area and also spent five days in Michigan enjoying the beaches there.

August 2011

From July 30th through September 11th we traveled throughout the northeast on the most unbelievably fantastic trip! We had so many amazing experiences that it's difficult to remember all of them...that's why I take so many photos, to capture our incredible life.

September 2011

The month began in Massachusetts where one day was spent exploring Cape Cod...

...and ended with the painting of our bedroom to finally cover the biggest mistake I've ever made in color selection.

October 2011

The kids were with us again in October for one week of their Fall Break. We stayed close to home for this trip with this photo taken at one of our favorite places, Morton Arboretum.

November 2011

I flew out to the kids' in November to stay with them while their folks attended an Alabama football game. While there I had the privilege of attending the Veteran's Day Celebration at their grade school. Dylan and Shelby both participated in this moving program to honor all veterans. Rich's name was on a flag of stars made by students and there was a flag of remembrance for my dad planted in a special area for those who are deceased.

December 2011

And now we have ended the year celebrating the holidays with the kids and settling into our winter home here in Arizona. We have met our wonderful neighbors in the RV Park in addition to spending as much time as possible with our precious grands.

Have I mentioned lately that I'm the luckiest lady I know? I most certainly am you know!

Lovin' Life ~~ Welcoming 2012


  1. Love it!! Looks like a great year!

  2. Wow! I am SO envious of your travels!

    And your photos of San Antonio reminded me of a story my mom told me about traveling to San Antonio to meet with her sister while her sister was in the Air Force. I think I'll plan for a trip for my mom and me to return there.

    Amazing year! What a positive and wonderful look back. :-)


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