Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Final Four...Days

These last four days of 2011 have passed even more quickly than normal, if only time could slow down just a bit. Here's a brief recap.

Wednesday Rich and I explored the base of the Superstitions, driving through neighborhoods of one to five acre lots on dirt roads and through deep washes with homes ranging from old to magnificent. I envy them the location because I love looking at the craggy spires of these mountains, the desert terrain, the various shapes of cacti, and the occasional jackrabbit.

That evening we joined our new neighbors for wings night at Filly's, just up the road toward the mountains. Here is one of the parking lots...their riders were having wings and beer in the outside dining area too!

After a relaxing morning reading at home on Thursday I had a rare, terrific treat...Sandee and I met for lunch and then saw a movie! This apple pie at Cantina Laredo was to die for but the movie wasn't worth a matter because the highlight was time spent with my sweet, lovely daughter!

And then there was Freaky Friday. I woke up at 4:00 a.m. with a serious case of vertigo...the world was tilting on its axis to such a degree that I could barely walk and was extremely nauseous. If you've never experienced that, consider yourself lucky. Rich took the girls for their grooming appointment and spent much of the day at the kids' as we had planned. By mid-afternoon I was stable enough to go back to the kids with Rich and for them to spend the night with us on the eve of New Year's Eve...lounging, chatting, snacking and then watching a good movie.

When we took them home, Shawn, Dylan, and Shelby left for a long bike ride and we visited with Sandee until after they returned; Jackson has a cold so stayed behind. On the way home we joined the throngs shopping for party food and then sat outside with our neighbors snacking, chatting, and toasting the close of 2011.

Lisa, Pam, & Don
Billy & Bill
Rich, Mike, & Mary
Bob & Edna
I'm going to close this 2011 post with a photo of Dylan because he obviously has the Lucky Shirt...however,
This Is My Lucky Life!

Lovin' Life ~~ Cheers to You All for a Most Happy New Year!

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