Friday, January 28, 2011

Bad Parents ~ Dora's Birthday

This is so embarrassing but, since I'm always completely honest with all of you, a confession is due. *deep breath*  Okay, here goes.

We, the both of us, forgot Dora's birthday.

Yep, we deserve "twenty lashes with a wet noodle"...who among you remembers what famous person used to say/write that? Hint, you would have read it in a newspaper. Remember those? News, sports, finance, politics, opinions, fashions, ads, trends, etc. etc. written and printed on paper. At one time, years ago, I subscribed to four of them...two dailies and two weeklies. I loved reading newspapers and continue to love the same things about reading books...real books printed on paper with covers. I love the paper, I love the print, I love the cover, I love holding the tangible treasure that encapsulates such promise and most frequently delivers on that promise. Rarely do I read a book that delivers nothing...very rarely. I am certainly not a Luddite and have owned a Kindle since it was introduced but reading it does not impart the satisfaction derived from holding a book or a newspaper.

Have I succeeded in my goal of distracting you from the topic of my confession? No? Okay then.

Here she is, just moments ago...our 'birthday-plus-3-days' girl, our sweet sweet Dora. She was born January 25, 2004 and joined our family on April 10th when she was nearly eleven weeks old. We adopted Bella on the same day so they have only known life together for almost all of their seven years. I can't imagine our days without them.

Here's a little trip down memory lane. Both of these photos of Dora were taken April 28, 2004. The second one brings back such fun memories because, as a tiny pup, Dora was afraid of those steps on our deck so would only stay on the top "talking" to Bella who was taunting her from below. We chuckle at those "conversations" between the two of them that, to this day, they still have on a daily basis.

How we missed Dora's birthday is a mystery. Rich bathed both girls that day; we had brought them into bed with us that morning, I made them eggs for breakfast...wouldn't you think something would have registered?
Lovin' Life ~~ With "The Girls"



    How about we have a party at Camp Marianne one day this weekend since your mom and dad didn't remember?

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Dora. I am sorry you had to learn the sad lesson that parents aren't perfect. Still, you did get eggs for breakfast and a cuddle in bed!


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