Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

I don't need a big piece of paper to list my objectives for 2011. Mine can be expressed in two words...

Of course the obvious reference implicit in the first word would be to lose weight but that's a bit too simplistic for my relationship to food and far too serious for this blog. So even though that is one aspect of my objectives, it is certainly not the only one.

I shall also strive to:
     REDUCE spending~and~DISCOVER new ways to economize;
          REDUCE procrastinating~and~DISCOVER methods for self-motivation;
               REDUCE clutter~and~DISCOVER hidden gems in our cabinets and closets;
                    REDUCE hibernating~and~DISCOVER rewards of personal relationships;
                         REDUCE TV watching~and~(re)DISCOVER the thrill of reading;
                              REDUCE dining out~and~(re)DISCOVER the joy of cooking;
                                   REDUCE rote routines~and~DISCOVER new paths;
                                        REDUCE ??? ~and~ DISCOVER ???

The opportunities to REDUCE and DISCOVER are endless!!! That is so exciting!!!

As a perfect example, let's talk about the objective to REDUCE clutter. New Year's Eve I pulled never used dishes out of two kitchen cabinets and the dining room sideboard and donated them at a charitable thrift store. Then I moved items out of an overcrowded kitchen cabinet and into the sideboard...isn't this just the most fascinating tale so far????

But here is what I found while rearranging...this mug. And, this mug fuels my determination because I didn't even know we had it...and it is so adorable! Rich kept it on his desk at his work office, where he enjoyed it for years, and then put it away when he brought all that stuff home. I had not seen this since the day he received it as a gift. Isn't it cute?

But this, this is the other side...all together now, let's hear it...aaaww...our first grandchild who is now eleven (and a half, I suppose he would want me to say). Now that it has been discovered, Grandpa drank his coffee from it this morning and we both enjoyed looking at it over breakfast.
See how quickly the rewards of REDUCE and DISCOVER can be realized. By simply REDUCING the number of items in an overcrowded cabinet this hidden gem was DISCOVERED!

Lovin' Life ~~ Realizing Rewards!


  1. In 2009 I met the man of my dreams and ran off to Hawaii with him. That meant 6 months of reducing and discovering. I reduced much more than I discovered, but what a blessing it has been!

    My house is always easy to keep clean. I know what I own, and more importantly, I know where it is! Plus, I learned that a lot of things I once thought I couldn't live without really wasn't all that important, and that helped me to quit buying stuff!

  2. Oh, wow! You didn't realize that you had the mug?? We have moved SO many times that I have TOUCHED everything in my home every few years!!! But, we've been still now for going on six years! What a relief. lol
    I love your goal(s) for the new year. I look forward to hearing how God works these things through for you.
    My favorite is: reduce eating out/discover cooking at home. That's a great idea ... and can certainly help with weight (a focus for me, as well!!)


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