Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hotel Jerome

While we were there, I mentioned that we were staying in a historic hotel that opened Thanksgiving Eve in 1889. Yes, we stayed at the Hotel Jerome while in Aspen this time. It underwent a massive restoration in 1985 that kept all the original details. In this post, you will see a few areas of this magnificent hotel.

A portico covers the entrance to the hotel lobby; on the left is the renowned J-Bar and on the right is the Library, both of which are Aspen gathering spots and parts of the hotel.

Rich checking in and the entrance to the lobby. Just look at that antique S-Shaped Loveseat!

The fireplace and enormous Christmas Tree in the lobby on our arrival.

This is a large conference room that is located just off the Century Room, where the four of us played cards a couple of evenings when the room was not otherwise occupied. The chandeliers throughout the hotel were historically ornate and in scale with the massive spaces.

In this next photo, I am standing in front of Carl's Pharmacy, that favorite shopping place of ours. The Victorian purple building houses the Aspen Times and past it you see a glimpse of the red brick building that is the Hotel Jerome. Those are the only three buildings in this block on Main Street in Aspen.

The following photos show some of the interior spaces of the Hotel Jerome after all the holiday decorations had been taken down.

A perfectly positioned chaise lounge in front of the lobby fireplace.

A large floral display, staircase, original tile, and antique carpets.

Another view of the period furnishings and the beautiful wood framing that draws the eye up to the glass roof of the lobby atrium.

A hallway at the rear of the ground floor that leads to a ballroom.

At the far end of this photo is the breakfast dining room and the hall leading to the lobby; to the right through the full length glass doors is the pool area; and behind me as I took this photo were the elevators to our floor so we traversed this lovely area many times last week.

This sitting area was located on our floor as you stepped out of the elevator.

A left turn took you to this hall and our room located midway on the right. Soon I'll post photos of our room.

Lovin' Life ~~ And the Hotel Jerome

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  1. Gorgeous hotel! Wow! A lot of history and a lot of luxury!

    And congrats on your Anniversary! Here's hoping your next 25 are twice as wonderful!


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