Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Our Flight Home on Saturday

Ah yes, we traveled safely home from Aspen on Saturday and the days since have been a blur of unpacking, laundry, gathering and storing Christmas decorations, etc...you know, the day-to-day busyness of life. So today, I may do a series of short posts since the contents are unrelated.

First I want to share some photos from our flight on Saturday. Only a few minutes into it we were treated to this magnificent sight...
This is the Snowmass Ski Area. If Rich was standing next to you right now, he could point to most of the ski runs you see so clearly here and tell you their names. He would also tell you that there is no better place to ski anywhere than Snowmass. Seeing this and being able to photograph it so clearly from my window on the plane was very exciting for us.

We enjoyed more views of the Rockies before ascending above the clouds.

As we dropped through the clouds at the beginning of our descent, we saw fields and woods lightly covered with snow and, as we progressed eastward, the density of the populated areas increased. 

Finally, we were able to identify landmarks below, such as Fermilab in Batavia...

...Chicago's O'Hare Airport...

...and the skyline of downtown Chicago...oops weren't we supposed to land back at O'Hare?

Oh, okay, whew...we turned westward to approach O'Hare...

...and were treated to this glorious sunset.

As we angled down toward our runway we flew right over a rail yard which is always an exciting sight to Rich.

And then we taxied to our gate. Marianne was waiting to bring us home after we collected our luggage...Thanks Marianne!

Lovin' Life ~~ And Uneventful Flights

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  1. Sounds like another fabulous trip for you guys! Sure wish we had some of that snow here for a few days. =) Maybe tomorrow if we get our winter weather as predicted.


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