Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ute City Restaurant

One of the many pleasures of Aspen is the variety and deliciousness (if not before, that's a word of mine now) of the restaurants. On previous trips here, we have eaten some amazing meals. Last night's repast may have topped them all for me.

We selected the Ute City restaurant which opened in the fall of 2009. The food was divine, the atmosphere was warm & relaxed, and the service phenomenal. Isn't this dining room simply lovely?

As we were finishing the last delectable morsels of our entrees, I realized that I had not taken one single photo of the food. Perhaps that's a kindness to all though, since you are not here to partake for yourselves.

Bill and I had Pork Medallions which were served with Apple Chutney, Sage Spaetzle, Goat Cheese, and Wilted Greens...oh my, oh my! Rich had the "best" Braised Beef Short Ribs ever ~ and he loves braised short ribs ~ that were served with Brown Butter Mashed Potatoes and...???  Deanne had a tasty Bib Lettuce Salad and an excellent Beef Tenderloin that was served with Creamed Greens and...??? Oh shoot, I can't remember all the unique sides that accompanied Rich's and Deanne's entrees because I was totally immersed in my own culinary fantasy-come-true.

Here is a photo of Rich and Bill that I did manage to take before any of the deliciousness began arriving at our table.

Our waiter was knowledgeable, attentive, and had a bit-more-than-slight London accent so I kept him talking as much as possible...haha Seriously, he has worked in Aspen for twenty years so had some interesting stories to tell. He also mentioned to the manager that we were in town for our anniversary and we received complementary desserts in celebration. It was another of many perfect evenings in this special town.

Lovin' Life ~~ And Perfect Evenings

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