Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Fun(ny) Day at Buttermilk

This is such an exciting post for me, almost as much as if I'd been there. I have ski photos to share with you! Just look at them on Buttermilk Mtn; it's obvious that they are having a blast!

Note: They may ski ~~ but I have Photo Shop...ta da

When Rich came back to our hotel, with Bill's camera in hand, he excitedly gave me a couple of ideas that he and Bill wanted me to Photo Shop of Deanne. Here they are...

Oops, it appears Deanne is nearly buried in a snow bank...teehee

Oh no, she must have fallen right out of her boots and skis when she biffed this time!

Good grief, just look at that silly orange hat...and I thought she was a fashion maven.

When Bill and Deanne came to get us for dinner, I innocently clicked through all the photos of the day and, each time one of these came on the screen, all three of them guffawed. I guess I had a successful day too!

Tonight there will be no restaurant review, but perhaps nothing could have dazzled us after last evening's dining experience.

Lovin' Life ~~ And Guffaws!

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