Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mom's 84th Birthday

Good morning! I am back again after going to visit my mom to celebrate her 84th Birthday which was Sunday. WOW, I had missed a year somewhere, thinking all through this past year that she was 82. Our sister sent her this pot of plant bulbs which will bloom over the next few weeks bringing spring flowers to brighten her snowy days. Thanks to all who sent her cards. She loves getting mail anytime.

On Sunday, my bro, SIL, & I joined her for "dinner" in the dining room where she lives.

It snowed nearly all day on Sunday and I wish you could have seen it through the large, magnificent dining room windows. It was such a treat to sit there watching the snowfall.
There were gifts to open...

And...strictly in fairness to my bro & SIL, who do not appreciate all the camera action when I'm around, I'll post this photo of Mom and me that my brother took.
It was nearly noon when I started driving home yesterday so the roads were cleared of icy patches by then. Rich had been very sick with the flu so had to stay home, but just east of C'ville I took this photo for him of a BNSF freight train rolling through the snow covered countryside.

As one would correctly assume from this photo, the train was passing across the highway I was driving on. Yet, the man driving the pickup truck that pulled up behind me was clearly agitated that I stopped short of the crossing and stepped out to take photos. So much so that he attempted to "pass" me...WhatTheHeck? I cannot imagine (thank goodness my head doesn't work that way) what he thought he would accomplish by that. We both had to continue to stay there for many more minutes while this long freight moved on past us. To maintain sanity, you can only be fascinated by the weird actions of strangers and hope to never actually think the same way they do.

Lovin' Life ~~ While Observing Strange Strangers

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  1. Happy Birthday to your mom.

    I can't believe you gave that stranger credit for thinking! ;)

    I learned as a novice driver that if the car in front of me stopped for a reason I couldn't quite figure out, it didn't mean there wasn't a good reason for stopping and I check very carefully before proceeding!


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