Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Still Celebrating ~ After 25 Years

Even though we celebrated our Silver Anniversary
     on that special date
          in that special town
               with those special friends,
we have been treated to two more celebrations this week!

Last evening our next-door BFFs, Vic & Sandee, treated us to dinner and then we returned to their house to play cards (I refuse to report the outcome!) and have dessert. For dessert they served a brightly decorated cake that said, "Happy 25th Bev & Rich." Knowing that we had a non-traditional wedding, Sandee suggested that we feed each other the first bite of fun!?!?!

They also gave us this...

The "When We Were Married" book contains pages and pages of facts, events, awards, sports, trends, etc from 1986; summaries of all that for various milestone anniversaries; the meaning of our names; 1986 advertisements, movie posters, and record album covers; and pages for us to write our own memories. It is such a treasure of memories!

Monday evening, Marianne came and we opened this anniversary gift from her...

I had never seen a vase like this. The crystal rose and the leaves are 3-D and attached to the vase which is more easily seen in this closeup. It is simply gorgeous!

We are thrilled to have received such amazing, thoughtful, beautiful gifts in celebration of our Silver Wedding Anniversary!

Lovin' Life ~~ And Special Folks

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