Friday, January 7, 2011

A Delectable Panini

It's been a tough week, but now we are nearly packed for our next adventure which begins tomorrow. Before that though, I thought I would share these photos of our newest kitchen appliance and the delectable panini Rich made with it.

Here he is, grilling the assembled Muffuletta from the recipe in the Panini recipe book I gave him for Christmas. I regret not taking photos of the process but these paninis consist of sourdough bread with mortadella, provolone, capicola, mozzarella, and mild Olive Muffalata which is our favorite mixed olive salad and is made by That Pickle Guy...yummm!

Just look at all the warm, melted goodness oozing out of these paninis. Just look at my fabulous new San Francisco salad plate (I've only been able to find the one). Just look at the perfect grill marks from our new Griddler Gourmet. Just inhale the mouthwatering aroma...oops, I guess that's not happening! But you can just imagine all the gourmet sandwiches Rich can make me now! Just think what a thoughtful teammate I am...finding something for him to do in the evening after he drives the motorhome all day...he does love to stay busy...right?!?!?
Marianne was coming for lunch Tuesday so it seemed the perfect time for Rich to make his first panini. Seriously, we bought ourselves this to use in the motorhome and now are convinced it will be used year round in both of our "homes".
Lovin' Life ~~ And Delectable Delights

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