Monday, January 31, 2011

Tabloid Weather Or Not???

Around our house we refer to much of what the weather forecasters predict as Tabloid Weather Reporting. They are most often extremely exaggerated ~ but one can only know that with the perfect vision of hindsight.

Today the news is "Life Threatening Blizzard on Its Way to Chicago" ~ "Top Ten Winter Storm in History" ~ "Chicago Prepares for the Worst" ~ "Up to Two Feet of Snow and Fifty Mile Per Hour Winds" ~ hmmmm, time will soon tell.

I predict five inches of snow with moderate winds using a forecasting model pulled right outa my ear...teehee!

Still, we have prepared. I had errands and shopping to do today; I freely admit to laying in extra groceries in case the weather reports are on target this time. And I was certainly not alone.

Both grocery stores I shopped at were crowded with shoppers. Surprisingly, everyone seemed to be in a jolly mood, much like the holidays. Even though the aisles were crowded and the shelves laid bare in places, shoppers were happily chatting with their companions and with their fellow shoppers. The number one topic...the impending blizzard, of course. I loved it!

I do wonder if the 5:00 p.m. and after crowd will be quite as jovial though. I suspect most of them will be concerned about how they're going to get to work and back this week. For the first time since leaving L.A. I don't have to worry about commuting in winter storms.

Lovin' Life ~~ And Retiree Shopping Hours

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  1. Sounds like you all are in for a doozy up that way! As much as we would love more snow, I am glad it is bypassing us this go 'round. =) Throw some snowballs for us!


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