Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday in Aspen

Looking across the street from our third floor window this morning, we saw a pair of black billed magpies on the limbs of this tree. I was able to get this photo of one but unfortunately neither of them ever turned so that I could a side other than the back...still...
This is my second favorite bird but until this morning we thought they were also called cowbirds...not so. We saw many of these along the road throughout the northwest this past summer but I could not get a photo. I love the iridescent blue on their back which doesn't show up very well in this morning's light.

Rich came very close to restoring the Buckyballs back to the cube shape that they come in. In case you have been wondering, Buckyballs are 216 tiny balls of rare earth magnets that can be made into an infinite number of configurations. It is quite a challenge to get them back into a cube shape though and here is Rich's first attempt...

Bill and Deanne walked over for breakfast this morning and we all enjoyed coffee & tea in the skier mugs we bought to commemorate this trip celebrating our 25th Anniversary. Did you know that our anniversary was yesterday???? haha I've talked of little else this week, huh?

This is our last day and they are not skiing today. Rich just got back from the FedEx store where he shipped his skis home. They enjoyed another great day on the slopes at Buttermilk yesterday though.

The town is readying itself for Winterskol so we'll stroll around to watch the preparations.

Lovin' Life ~~ And Anniversary Mugs!

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