Thursday, March 21, 2013

Childrens' Museum of Phoenix

On Sunday, March 17th Rich and Bill took their last hike of this winter up to Wind Caves in Usery Park. It was another beautiful day for hiking. Monday morning Bill & Deanne left for home after three and a half weeks of fun and farkle. We took the girls along and Rich took them for a long walk while I was at PT. Then we took them to the vet; Rich was very pleased with the one we had picked. That evening was the first round of Dylan's season end hockey tournament. Unfortunately, this game ended like most others this season and they were defeated.

Tuesday, March 19th, was the kind of day we all love spending together. We went to the Children's Museum of Phoenix, one of many favorite, fun places we've taken our grands. The boys are still great about going to places like this with us. I've explained that you must be with a "child" to even go to childrens' museums but then when you get in, we can all be children and play on many of the attractions. Since the Phoenix museum installed The Climber, that is perhaps even more true here than at other childrens' museums. This three story, 37 foot tall climbing/exploring structure offers hours of fun!

Rich and our grands on the walkway near the top of The Climber.

Can you see the four of them in the flying bathtub?

This walkway extending out at the top of this three story structure is called the Fishbowl.

You can even climb inside the Dream Boat...

...and let your legs dangle out the bottom. Giggle!

The Noodle Forest has been one of my favorites since we first explored this clever!

 Jackson and I took a break...

 ...while Grandpa and Shelby went grocery shopping.

Selling flowers has always been a favorite joint effort of Shelby and Grandpa.

 The boys prefer designing these ball tracks with Grandpa.


Grandpa picked up a dessert that is a long-standing joke between our grands and us.

The car wash was simply fun, especially later in the day when they had it to themselves.

The fort building room was nowhere near the size and scope of the one at the Navy Pier Childrens' Museum two years ago but we love this concept.


Ah yes, I was able to climb up into The Climber too which was so exciting for me...progress, slowly but surely.

In the next photo try to find the kids and me. You might have to really work to find Jackson but part of him is visible.


Oh what a fun place! We have been to several children's museums from the biggest to a very small one and we ALWAYS. HAVE. A. BLAST! So I strongly recommend that you grab a child, any child that you have legal access to of course...giggle...and get yourself to the nearest childrens' museum for a day of being a child again!

Lovin' Life ~~ Playing Again

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