Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It's Finally Ours!

On Monday, March 25th, we took possession of our new AZ home! The escrow and closing process is quite different here from our experiences in CA and IL so, even though we closed on Friday, we didn't get possession until Monday evening.

I love the slanting, long, evening shadows this time of year. We were standing in our driveway looking toward the Superstitions.

This is a penstemon and we have lots of them blooming along with the brittlebush in front of our house.

We have so many different types of cactus at our place. This is a fishhook cactus.

As we left the house Monday evening the full moon was rising over the Superstitions to the east.

We turned west into this sunset.

Coming out of Target, we were greeted by this lovely scene.

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