Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Our First Company!

All these cars are carrying our friends...our first company. Our realtor also stopped by as our KOA friends were arriving at our new house yesterday afternoon.

As soon as they could see the pool through the kitchen windows they all headed outside to check it out. There's one in every crowd...and ours is Ron!

Donnie & Pam

Just minutes after they arrived, our good friends JoAnn and Larry from back home got here too! This is Bob, Rich, JoAnn, and Ron.

Edna, Kathy, and Larry

Edna, Kathy, Ron, Bob

Kathy, Edna, Pam...the KOA girls!

JoAnn and Larry our friends from Carillon.

It's a darned good thing Rich drove down to the kids', picked up our picnic table, and got it assembled yesterday morning! All three couples from the KOA are snowbirds and will be returning to their homes later this week so it was great to close in time to show them our new place. We had such a fun, perfect day with our new home filled with friends for the afternoon!

Lovin' Life ~~ And All Our Friends

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