Saturday, March 16, 2013

Friday in Tucson

This is my sixth post today so check them all out because I have spent most of the day downloading, selecting photos, and compiling posts...just for you! teehee

Yesterday, we went to Tucson with Bill and Deanne. It's about 130 miles from here so it makes for a long day...but there is a huge Ace Hardware store there that has anything you could want from housewares to hobbies to hardware so it was well worth it! Seriously, I am the only one of us who bought anything there...are you surprised?

After having breakfast at I-Hop we drove on down to the Pima Air and Space Museum on the east side of Tucson. Rich and I have been here before with our grands so I relaxed while they walked for two hours through the many planes on exhibit.

The next item on our list was Tucson Mountain Park and we also drove alongside Saguaro National Park for a short distance. The scenery was breathtaking!

The tall, spindly Ocotillo is my favorite cactus and they are in bloom now! I love this bokeh shot of a bloom.

Here is another Ocotillo and one of its blooms.

Gates Pass Trailhead


Tucson in the valley below

Before going to the Ace Hardware store, we struck out on our search for a place to sample a Sonoran Dog. Deanne's brother had told them about these famous Tucson hot dogs but we settled for a quick sandwich at a market inside the old train station downtown. The downtown area of Tucson is experiencing a revival with lots of building construction and street realignments. It will definitely be worth a return visit when completed!

The evening sunset colors were glorious on the drive home. As we drove into Chandler on Arizona Blvd, I got this shot of palms against the sunset.

Searching on my phone on the way back, I discovered that Sonoran Dogs are featured at Moreno's Mexican Grill in Mesa and in Chandler so we still had an opportunity to try one. Bill wouldn't touch it with a stick and Deanne complained about the soft bun but Rich and I recommend that you try one for yourself...totally different and quite yummy!

Again this evening, the guys gave Deanne and I a drubbing at Farkle. We just can't beat them; if we win one game out of three we're doing good.

Lovin' Life ~~ Exploring!

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