Saturday, March 16, 2013

More Spring Break Fun

Before taking them home on Wednesday afternoon the kids and I spent more than an hour and a half at our KOA pool. The weather has been hot and it was a perfect day for swimming. Rich doesn't like being in the water but the kids and I have spent many hours swimming and playing in every pool we could find since they were each tiny tykes.

Jackson and Shelby were easing into the cool water...

...but Dylan just jumped right in!

There were lots of lap races with each of them taking turns selecting that race's stroke. So fun!

Thursday morning Rich and I did laundry, it accumulates so fast! Shelby has been wanting to go to PT with me ever since I started going there. With her on Spring Break and Thursday afternoons always being slow, we picked her up on our way. She did everything that I do and even found some of it to be really stretching her muscles. Jackson has done sports conditioning at this same facility and I think it is so important for the kids to be exposed to various professions.

That evening, we took Bill and Deanne to a favorite restaurant of ours, Joe's Real B-B-Q in Gilbert. We've introduced them to most of our favorites this trip.

 Lovin' Life ~~ Enjoying Every Minute of Every Day!

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