Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Beginning...of March!

Friday, March 1

Now this is more like it! Even though I had such a drippy cold, on Friday we went to Canyon Lake for a picnic! Bill expertly grilled the lemon-pepper chicken breasts that were accompanied by pasta salad and chips...a simple, perfect picnic.

There was much relaxing that went on throughout the afternoon.

Bill and Deanne brought their canoe this trip and the guys took it out on the lake.

We were highly entertained by birds too. None of us were stealth enough though to get a photo of the long-tailed grackles that would land on the table and peck at the photo of potato chips on the Lay's funny! There was a Cardinal and a Gila Woodpecker... well as a pair of Mallards who kept us company and enjoyed eating the popcorn we threw out for them.

It was a perfect afternoon although I couldn't help but reflect on all that I lost this winter since this is the first time we've taken the breathtakingly beautiful drive up there and spent time just sitting by the lake.

Saturday, March 2

This morning my chest was tight with congestion; when will this curse lift? There was no stopping us though because this was the final week of flag football. Here are shots of both Dylan and Jackson carrying the ball.

During the game, these World War II era planes flew over from the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport near us. Held here this weekend, the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) AirPower History Tour features an ever-changing combination of CAF historic warbirds at each of its eleven stops throughout the southwest United States. Its mission is to tell the story of World War II military aircraft and to honor the men and women of America’s Greatest Generation.

The boys never lost focus on the game but most of the parents and grandparents were certainly distracted. The players and coaches continued on to yet another mercy win, with the final game of the season being called when the score was 34 to 0.

Our Saints! Division Champs and Tournament Champs! What a team of great guys and their most able coaches too! We have enjoyed watching them work together so successfully this season.

After collecting their trophys, we all met at Barro's to celebrate with pizza!

That evening we went to dinner again with Bill and Deanne. After we ate, the guys continued their season of Farkle victories...WTH, can't I win anything this winter???

Sunday, March 3

This morning, while I continued trying to rest my way back to health, the three of them went to Usery Park to ride bikes again. Deanne took a different trail so she's not in this photo of the guys with the Superstitions in the background.

Ever since they got back, the guys have been sitting outside on our patio planning a trip to 2014. Deanne, I hear, is relaxing with a book at their place and I have now caught up with all the news I'm willing to share as of today...giggle!

Lovin' Life ~~ Cough, Sniffle, Cough

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