Saturday, March 16, 2013

Hiking With the Boys on Tuesday

Tuesday, March 12th was a day of exciting activities for all of us, packed full all the way through dinner at Ruby Tuesday's with Bill and Deanne. And because the guys' day was completely different than the girls' day, I'm going to post them separately.

Rich and Bill took Jackson and Dylan hiking out of the First Water Trail-head; a slightly abbreviated hike than the loop they did last week. Still, this was a seven mile hike beginning on the Dutchman Trail but turning left onto the Second Water Trail. At three and a half miles, they turned around and hiked back out. Here are some shots of their day.

Rich took a lot of pictures during their lunch stop alongside First Water Creek.

Dylan took off his shoes and socks to wade and rock-hop across First Water Creek...just like Grandma? Only so much more adept!

Can you see Jackson and Dylan? They are way ahead of Rich and Bill!

The boys may have had tired feet, but Rich and Bill were feeling it all over...along with a big helping of envy because the boys were sure-footed and fast on the trail while chatting non-stop, which they do all the time.

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