Sunday, March 24, 2013

My First Mountain Hike!

And on Day 101 post injury, I finally got to take my first hike in the mountains! Yesterday, March 23rd, Rich and I drove out east to King's Ranch Road, then to the end of Cloudview Road to the trailhead parking lot for the Hieroglyphics Trail.

We knew that the trail gets very rocky and steep before you get to the petroglyphs, so I asked Rich to go on ahead knowing that I would not be able to scramble up any rocks! I hike more slowly anyway, stopping to take photos of anything that catches my attention.

Going through this gate, you enter the Superstition Wilderness area. I sat on a rock by that sign to take a break and then started back down.

Notice the cars down there? That is our parking lot. This was taken from the gate where I turned around. See, I did all right for a first hike on a rocky, mountain trail!

We are both so glad that Rich had our G-9 restored and he carries it. In the first of his photos here, you can how rocky the terrain gets past where I hiked.

This is the reward though! These rocks are covered with petroglyphs and lots of people were there taking photos and climbing on the rocks.

I absolutely love this shot that Rich took. The petroglyphs were right behind him when he turned to shoot this.

The mountains are pure gold with wildflowers right now.

I was waiting next to this sign when Rich came back to the parking lot.

Looking up at the hillside when we got to our car, this next scene looked like a man in uniform surrounded by giant chollas!

Later that afternoon, we drove to the kids' and brought them home for the night. After having dinner and picking up a few things at WalMart, we all sat around Pam's and Donnie's campfire for a relaxing chat.

Lovin' Life ~~ Hiking in the Mountains!

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